Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 4

There are several principles outlined in this chapter focusing on sin offerings.  First, "uninentional sins" are focused upon with this offering; no offerings are prescribed for those who willfully reject God's instructions.  Repentance--true humble turning around--is the only avenue for those insisting on their own way.  Next, with privilege comes accountability; and while God does not rank sins--to offend in one point is to offend in all, there are clear delineations of responsibility.  Even the animal specified in the offering depicts higher degrees of accountability: oxen for those leading others and for the community as a whole; goats for the individuals (even secular leaders).  Oxen were far more valuable than goats to the Israelite community, but the depth of importance in the offering is the same.  Sin is serious business to the Lord. 

Another interesting note in this offering is that it is not referred to as a sweet smelling savor to the Lord.  There is nothing sweet about sin; the first three offering types were sweet smelling for they reflected the person of Christ.  We have now moved onto looking into the work of Christ.  Sin, my sin, your sin, cost the very life of God's son; atonement and forgiveness are precious gifts for us to commemorate.

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