Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 12

This chapter is so contrary to our thinking of pregnancy and babies, we can easily miss the precious truths.  Keeping the loving nature of God in mind as we read focuses our hearts rightly.  The underlying truth is that we are born with a sin nature.  Even the depth of a mother's love and passion for her child will be contaminated by our own sin nature.  Our precious babies will battle a sin nature.  This chapter reminds us to bring our children to the Lord and to bring our mothering to Him as well.

Practically speaking, there are other significant aspects to the commands surrounding childbirth.  Baby boys were circumcised on the eighth day; that is an important event in spiritual terms as well.  The 'source of life' must be exposed to God's touch--truth for males and females.  Physically speaking, circumcision had implications in cleanliness and disease prevention.  It has also been shown that pain blockers are highest for babies on day eight; our God is compassionate and loving in every command.  It has been suggested that the extra time prescribed for the birth of girls could have been a protective provision for the mothers.  In the culture of the day, males were preferred.  The extended time of 'uncleanness' allowed the mother time to nurture the baby and have her own body strengthened before another pregnancy was initiated. 

God loves babies and He longs for us to bring them to Him...from their earliest days and throughout our lives.  They are a gift from Him that we are to give back to Him.  He is the source of life for us and for them.

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