Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 13

It is a common understanding that leprosy in scripture is a spiritual analogy for sin.  It is also commonly accepted that 'leprosy' was a broad term including a vast array of skin diseases.  It was interesting to me to note that the focus was accurate identification of the disease and containment to protect the community--not curing the disease.  As tomorrow's chapter makes clear, cleansing/curing were accepted as possible but evidently as miraculous events.

There is no effective, earthly treatment plan for sin either.  We need the miraculous work of the Messiah to heal the leprosy of sin.  Like the physical disease, sin starts small.  As the disease advances, it becomes more obvious, disfiguring victims, then desensitizing them and ultimately bringing death.  Leprosy has been called a living death--an apt description of the walking dead entangled in sin.  The isolation of a leper is not unlike that of an individual chained by addiction, which is simply a sin grown strong.  Leprosy was a death sentence without miraculous intervention--so is sin.

Like leprosy, sin has the potential to contaminate all around us.  Hasty judgments are never called for but containment is critical.  With leprosy the first sign of disease was expected to be immediately brought before the priest; with sin, the best time to go to our great High Priest, Jesus Christ, is also immediately.  Allowing sin to grow is deadly for ourselves and all those around us.  Let us praise God for His miraculous mercy that gives abundant life!  Isn't His resurrection power amazing!

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