Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 11

The tendency to make a distinction between the sacred and the secular is a human designation.  This chapter opens, though, with God making little distinction between His people and the priests.  His expectation is for each of us to choose what is holy--because He is holy and has chosen us.  It does not matter what our role in life is...we are to live holy because God is holy.  While physical evidence for the wisdom of God's eating instructions has been identified, we'll focus on the spiritual.  What we eat -- or do not eat-- does not improve our standing with the Lord or show our devotion to Him.  The principles God sets forth, though, can impact our walk with Him.

The first thing I noticed is God's obvious level of interest and involvement in the details of our lives.  One of the commentaries gave an insightful question regarding whether Christians should pray about the little things of life or not:  'Is there any aspect of our lives that are big to God?'  Big stuff and little stuff are human designations; God cares about every aspect of our lives.

Here is a point from the commentary that I thought was neat:  the first clean animal given was to have split hooves and chew the cud.  Mr. McGee translates this to the spiritual by saying our lives are to show a division from the world and we are to meditate on the Word. 

Another key principle in this chapter relates to the contamination by contact.  Unclean-ness is transferred simply by touching; holiness can not be transferred.  Dirty water is not made pure by mixing it with clean water.  We are not just cleaned up humans; we are new creatures!  God's Word is so exciting because Truth is always Truth.  It is never situational.  The principles God gives in His Word apply to all of lives.  Rejoice in His holiness and our new lives!

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