Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 38

As Israelites entered into the court of the Tabernacle, the altar was the first 'furniture' encountered. Its dimensions speak of Christ; 3 (number of completeness) x 5 (number reflecting God's grace) and of the necessity of a blood sacrifice.  Without Christ, we, too, would be unable to approach God, to be cleansed or to worship God.

The fact that the laver was made from the women's brass mirrors seems most appropriate:  cleansing involves looking at ourselves!  The Word is a tool of cleansing in our lives but like the Tabernacle, the 'foundation' of worship is redemption. 
When the Israelites marched out at God's direction, the Ark was carried first.  When they stopped, the Ark was settled onto the desert sand and the Tabernacle put up around it.  Worship was within the court of the Tabernacle--which was at the forefront of all movement and the center of daily life. 
With the nation of Israel each individual paid a redemption price in silver; that silver was used for the sockets which held the Tabernacle in place.  Our worship is founded upon and surrounded by the work of Christ; He is our redemption. 

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