Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 37

Two things particularly caught my attention as I read this this morning:  the gold covering of most all the items and the almonds on the lampstand.  The glory of these pieces of the Tabernacle is beyond my imagination--all that gold!  The hammered out lampstand must have been amazing...all one piece of gold and with such detail.  To consider that all of these gorgeous items were carried through the desert is astounding as well.  We do have a glorious God and when we worship Him in His glory, folks will notice! 

I was inspired to look up the almond tree after reading this chapter.  You may remember that Aaron's rod (which was ultimately placed in the ark) was from an almond tree.  The buds and blossoms of the lampstand were modeled after the almond tree as well.  I learned that the almond is the first tree to blossom in Israel--as if it were waiting for spring!  The Hebrew word for almond is related to vigilant watching.  God vigilantly watches over us and brings about His purposes; we need to vigilantly watch for His touch upon our lives!  His life will spring forth from us when we stayed focused on the Son.

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