Monday, March 28, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 36

Willing, abundant giving and joyful serving:  WOW!  Individual hearts were moved to give with abundance, and wise hearts served with joy.  What an incredible experience for this nation recently bound in slavery; they had owned nothing and worked as demanded.  Now their freedom and abundance prompted spontaneous generous worship and willing, enthusiastic service.  We, too, have been delivered to abundant lives.  Our hearts should have that same worshipful generosity and desire to serve!

The beauty, balance and unity of the Tabernacle impresses my heart.  God gave a design and this chapter shows that design being put into practice.  The diversity is astounding:  gemstones to goat hair!  The detail is important...and honored by the wise-hearted servants.  Might we be diligent to follow God's design with joy and enthusiasm.

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