Saturday, March 26, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 34

God's name is the answer to Moses' request to 'see His glory'-- seeking to know God more (to know His name) is a worthwhile life pursuit!  As God declares who He is to Moses, He gives that balance we struggle to comprehend:  'abounding in love and faithfulness, maintain love to thousands' AND yet, 'not leaving the guilty unpunished.'  All of God's commandments are intended to protect us and help us know Him more...'don't make idols, don't make compromises, give your heart to me!'  The commands of God are pleas of God with a distinct purpose:  that we might know more and more of His glory.  Might we all follow Moses' example and spend so much time with God that our beings will radiate His glory!

For my local reading friends:  For the National Day of Prayer this year (May 5th), I would like to create a prayer walk with tables that focus on a specific name of God.  As 'usual' the prayer walk will be set up in the gymnasium at First Baptist but it is always a non-denominational evening of prayer.  If you would be interested in 'adopting' a name of God and creating a table, please zap me a note or give me a call.  You will be blessed by looking more deeply into God's name (I have resources I will share) and the Day of Prayer is always a blessing to others.  Thanks for prayerfully considering!

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