Friday, March 25, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 33

We are all a stiff-necked people, aren't we?  Praise God that He loves us anyway.  While the presence of God is promised to the Israelites--and to us--there are protective limits.  Even Moses' longing to see God is answered with protection from the Lord. 

Moses places the 'Tabernacle-in-progress outside the camp.  The majority of the nation only goes to the 'tent of meeting' - to seek God when they have a problem.  Only Joshua and Moses are recorded as going to the tent and spending time with the Lord.  It is often the same in the world today, and I truly don't understand it then or now.  God is available and present, yet the majority stand afar or draw close only when there are difficulties.  God created us for fellowship; He loves us even with our imperfections and He will protect us as we seek Him!  Run to Him today--like Moses, let us beg to see His glory!

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