Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 32

While Moses was on the mountain top seeking God's direction for Israel, the people became impatient and perhaps fearful.  They even persuaded Aaron, the consecrated Priest, to 'go along with the crowd' and create their own god.  Waiting on God is hard.  We must not fall prey as the Israelites did to our desire for visible signs; we walk by faith.  We must not fall prey as Aaron did to the demands of the crowd; we worship the One True God only.

Most striking to me in this chapter is the amazing insight we receive about a true servant's heart.  God's love for His people--stiff necked, idolatrous, deceitful, faithless people--is to be found in the heart of His servants!  Moses had that sort of heart.  God's servant will always remember the people are God's alone.  Moses understood that well and we must too.  If we try to serve people, people will discourage and dishearten us.  Only the love of God is strong enough to transform people!  We must serve God and let Him love His people through us. 

Yet, in the heart of the servant of God, there will also beat an equal passion for God Himself.  It seems unlikely to me that the Levites felt 'blessed' after the slaying of 'brothers and friends and neighbors' to cleanse the camp.  Yet, Moses is clear:  this was a necessary setting straight of such a grievous fall and God would bless.  Moses was not seeking retribution; he was passionate for the righteousness of God and confident in God's goodness.    In fact, Moses went on to plead for the nation...even to the point of asking to have his own name blotted out of God's story if the people could not be forgiven.  Moses loved God's people--and Moses loved God!  Nothing about Moses was in any way self-seeking; he is a servant to emulate.  Might our passion for imperfect people and for our perfect God rise to Moses' level!

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