Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 31

God gave a plan for the Tabernacle then appointed and equipped craftsmen; He is unchanging--the process is the same.  Leaders and workers alike must embrace God's plans, His assignments and gifts to fulfill His purposes.  The New Testament reminds us that He gives at least one gift to each of His children.  We will be so sad when we get to heaven if we have misused or devalued the gift we have received.  There is no unimportant work for the Lord--coveting the gifts of another will cause us to fail to see the 'works God has prepared for us!'

Even though we have all received gifts, the Sabbath is a reminder that we desperately need to retain our focus on the Lord.  Excessive work which excludes worship of our Power Source will not produce the results we hope.  We have His glory in clay vessels; we need a day to simply soak in His beauty or stress cracks may fracture our clay.  He is sufficient; His work can be completed in six days--none of us our indispensable.  Have a blessed evening!

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