Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 30

This chapter spoke so deeply to my heart this morning.  Praise and prayer at the golden altar...what a joy!  In the Tabernacle, the altar was outside the veil; that veil was torn at the crucifixion and Christ is always praying for us.  Just as the incense was to be burned perpetually, Christ is continually praying for us--what comfort.  We are privileged to come into the presence of God--the Holy of Holies--only through Christ.  Incense is a sweet savor; our time with Jesus is sweet to God and His sweet presence will perfume our days as well.

The atonement or redemption offering reminds us that all of our lives are founded on the truth of Christ's redemption.  Weirsbe points out that the silver collected here was used in the sockets which held the posts of the Tabernacle.  Christ's work is the foundation of all that is eternal. 

Cleansing, cleansing, cleansing.  Even our praises and prayers require the atoning blood of Christ; our humanity is impure.  Even our worship and service for God can be tainted.  That is a tremendously humbling truth.  We desperately need the washing of the Word and the cleansing of Christ.  It must be a part of every day:  'dishpan hands' should be our goal!

The anointing oil is our picture of the Holy Spirit.  Only the Spirit can teach us truths.  We must come to God with humble desire for His cleansing and thankful passion for His redemption to receive the anointing of the Spirit.  It is a holy privilege that can not be perverted for any purpose other than God's glory.  This is a chapter of the beauty and privilege of worship.  Kneel at this golden place and drink in the awesomeness of our Lord!

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