Saturday, March 19, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 27

A note on this chapter which resonated with me relates to the metal used:  bronze.  McGee points out that the inner chambers of the Tabernacle pertain to the person of Christ and are gold.  The outer articles are brass which reminds us of sin and Christ's work.  The altar is a cube with '5' as the primary number.  A scriptural study of numbers reveals that '5's relate to God's grace.  Multiples of 5 are throughout the Tabernacle dimensions which makes perfect sense:  without God's grace we can not approach our holy God!

The court and the divisions within the Tabernacle make me think of a great sermon I heard that used the concept of 'further in and higher up' to encourage spiritual growth.  There are degrees of closeness in our walk with God; the beauty is deep within Jesus.  We must press on.  Finally, the oil.  Our lamps, like those of the Tabernacle must be kept burning.  Our love for Christ should be undimmed at all times.  Gazing on Him allows His light to reflect.  Blaze for Jesus!

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