Friday, March 18, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 26

I can not imagine the glory of this construction--especially in the context of its resting in the center of the camp of a nomadic desert tribe of people.  One of my favorite commentary remarks about this chapter relates to the beauty of unity in this complex construction.  As a 21st century Christian who knows of churches that have had heated discussions about carpet and paint color, the diverse colors and designs of this creation are a marvel.  Yet this was God's plan and there is no disunity in the ways of our Lord.  When we truly get our instructions from Him, the results will reflect His wisdom, beauty and peace.

Here are some interesting aspects of the construction for today:

The curtains:  the first curtain described was to be of fine Egyptian linen with cherubim woven in as a design.  This curtain's beauty was only visible from inside the Tabernacle; Christ's beauty is hidden from those outside of Him as well.  The very outside curtain was not beautiful but it was useful; no doubt 40 years of desert wandering had weathered it significantly but it still protected the treasures within.  Isaiah 53 tells us that Jesus has no form nor comeliness on the outside, but oh, we who know Him recognize the treasures within!

The colors:  this was no drab tent!  Each color has a significance that speaks of our Lord as well.  Blue is to remind us of the heavenlies; red foretold of Christ's blood, the ultimate covering for sin; purple blends both blue and red to speak of the royalty of Christ.  Finally, gold is again present:  the deity of God brought to our minds repeatedly. 

The veil:  ah, this inner veil which separates the Holy of Holies is the veil which was split open at the death of Christ.  We have access to the Holy God because of the work of Christ.  There is a wonderful point of rejoicing to end this little piece with:  rejoice in Jesus!

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