Sunday, March 20, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 28

If I open by telling you I loved this chapter, will you groan and say ‘this will be a long one?’ I hope not—and I will try not to babble on, but what a wonderful chapter.

Everything associated with the Tabernacle is to reveal Christ to us, and these beautiful garments are no exception. As we consider the garments, the fact that Jesus is our High Priest adds extra beauty to our contemplation.

The cloth was to be of the best quality, the colors vibrant and the stones, precious jewels. God’s love for His children is awesome to behold. The jewels set upon the shoulders of the Ephod remind me that Christ is sufficient to carry us to the Father. Just as a shepherd carries needy lambs upon his shoulders, Jesus carries us. More jewels representing the nation of Israel were set upon the breastplate. Christ carries us not only upon His shoulders but upon His heart as well.

At the hem of the robe, God called for a bell and a pomegranate. Pomegranates are a fruit; Christ’s life continues to bear fruit and ours are to do the same. Bells announce—and in Christ’s life, the bells rang out Truth and Wisdom. Our lives are to resonate with the same sweet music. Finally, the linen undergarments: the flesh is not to be visible in service. One of the bible teachers at our church pointed out that Lucifer originally had the job of ‘shielding God’s glory.’ Satan still does the same job—but his purpose is to promote himself, not serve God. He likes to have us blind others to God by serving in our own strength or sowing disunity. Everyone needs to see the beauty of Christ; let us commit to unveiling Him in every detail!

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