Monday, March 14, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 22

Today's chapter continues on with guidelines for a society in which property and humanity receives respect.  While there are hints of the foundation of many of our laws, the lack of reverence for God's Word has created some very odd laws in our land.  It often seems offenders have an unbalanced degree of rights in modern society.   Accountability for actions, respect for individual rights, honor to God and protection for the helpless are part of the weave of a godly society.  

Carelessness is not an allowable excuse in God's economy; our actions are to be deliberate and attentive.  Life matters; property matters; integrity matters.  Thieves were not commanded to simply replace what they had stolen but to return four (and five)-fold all that had been taken.  Just as recognizing sin is not repenting, restoring stolen items falls short of restoring a relationship.  Deceitful dealings, unfair oppression, false gods...all interfere with right relationships, and God rejects such things for His people.  Our God has a passion for relationships and gives us guidelines that restores us to Himself and others!

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