Sunday, March 13, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 21

Although the social structure of Israel was vastly different than our own, principles of truth are never situational.  Boundaries on slavery and designating cities of refuge do not imply God's endorsement of slavery or manslaughter.  God's laws pertain to a nation of individuals whom God loves.  A nation of individuals who were born in slavery to sin.  A nation which God plans to use to redeem countless souls through the ages.  His laws are to help mankind recognize their own impurity--and His glorious grace.

One of the principles I see in this chapter is individual accountability.  Oxen owners were responsible to control their animals based on what they knew about that animal.  Men who chose to use their fists were accountable for the results--sometimes accountable with their own lives.  I also see God requiring individuals to hold others accountable for their actions; we are not islands, we impact each other tremendously. 

Perhaps most beautifully in this chapter I see the power of sacrificial love.  Freed slaves could opt to remain in service out of a heart committed to their loved ones.  That Jesus had that kind of sacrificial love for me is hard to comprehend.  Might He fill me more that I can love like Him.

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