Saturday, March 12, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 20

I have to share a quote I found as I studied and contemplated this well-known chapter.  "The Law sets forth what man ought to be.  Grace sets forth what God is."  Oh, I am so thankful for grace.  Ten instructions form the base for the entire law...ten instructions not a one of us can keep.  God did not have to say much to reveal the impurity of the human heart; yet He loves us, His special creation, so much He was willing to provide a way for us.  Clearly, salvation is about His awesome character! 

I found it interesting, too, that no mention is made of the Israelites reacting to God's Words: it was the presentation which instilled fear in their hearts.  Again today I am reminded of the fearsome glory of God.  But the Israelites made a mistake, we must not make.  They stayed at a distance.  God is calling us to come closer.  His glory is fearsome, but His grace is awesome.  The Law is intended to show us our desperate need for His grace; it is to draw us closer to Him that we might become all He originally intended.

Finally, the altars spoke to my heart...not exactly in context but in a way that might resonate with you as well.  God instructs that an altar be made of the earth.  That says to me that all of our earthly lives is to be an altar to the awesome God who loves us.  God allows that we may choose to build of stone but even then there is nothing we are to do to 'pretty it up.'  Humble awe for the privilege of walking before God allows life to be an altar; allows Him to be lifted up for others to worship Him as well. 

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