Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 23

I love this chapter!  It speaks to me loudly of integrity.  Our lives, words and actions, are to align with God's character and purposes.  Consistency and commitment to Him should be the identifying mark of the Christian life.  Our feelings about others, our opinions, others' opinions, the status or reputation of another--none are to influence us.  Right actions are purely defined by God's Word!  THAT is true freedom and rest; THAT is what prepares us to celebrate the feasts with God.  Humble remembrance that we were delivered by the power of God keeps us right-focused (verse 9).  The needs of others are met by our service to God--isn't that a comforting truth?! 

Even more comforting is the assurance that an Angel--which in hindsight we know is Christ--accompanied the Israelites.  He is unchanging and walks with us in our journey to the Promised Land as well.  Not only is the Lord with us, He is before us preparing the way.  It is an encouragement to realize that battles are part of the plan; the enemy can never bring a surprise attack.  It may surprise us but not our Lord.  Finally, the battles are His and His plan is perfect.  God knows immediate victories would place us in grave danger; we need time to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord!  When we look to Him alone, He will give us victories and grow us into the likeness of Christ.  His timing is perfect!

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