Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 16

Contentment with godliness is great gain!  The Israelites, like us, tend toward a rather rosy remembrance of the 'good old days.'  Our rear-view glasses gloss over the ugly parts of the past while glorifying the pleasantries.   The amazing, miraculous events of the last weeks are drowned with discontent over food!  They were not starving; in fact, God had even sweetened bitter waters and quenched their thirst.  Yet the eyes of their hearts zoomed in on a perceived lack.  I am just the same way! 

It is humbling to be reminded that all murmuring is against the Lord.  Our heavenly Father loves the unlovely--that is why we are His.  He does not take it lightly when we complain about--or even to--His precious creation.  We emphasize the deficits and the dark simply by uttering negative words.  Our call is to speak words that flow from a heart in harmony with the Lord.  The daily manna which will refresh us is His Word.  There are no lacks when our eyes are fixed on God.  Yet the danger of discontent is still there; the Israelites found even the bread of heaven to be lacking when viewed through the lens of the 'good old days.'  We must choose to rejoice in the goodness of God.

One final neat note from a commentary:  manna was evidently nutritionally complete as well.  Later scriptures indicate that in the 40 years of desert wanderings, the Israelites did not suffer from swollen feet.  Medical studies have found this is a problem in the Middle East: a problem caused in part by nutritional deficits!  Isn't that neat to know?  God's provisions are perfect in all ways.  Feast on Him with confidence!

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