Monday, March 7, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 15

Miriam and the women of Israel have a depth of understanding of God's gloriousness I long to understand more.  The magnitude of the battle God has engaged in to deliver souls is beyond my understanding.  Despair over the lives lost in the grand battle of good and evil threatens to dim my joy in God's glorious victory.  I suspect my difficulty is both guilt-driven and a symptom of poor eye focus; I am seeing my unworthiness more than God's mercy.  Certainly, God has counted the cost and He is undoubtedly more loving than this selfish being; as I grow, I, too, will be able to dance with Miriam!  The Lord is righteous and His power is glorious, a celebratory dance is appropriate.  Furthermore, here is great hope-filled joy in verses 14 and 15: the devastating results of battles may produce more God-worshippers.

The chapter closes with the bitter waters of Marah.  It reminds me that the temptation to complain is ever-present; joy one moment, crankiness the next.  And it reminds me that the challenges of life are to propel us to call out to the Lord, just as Moses did.  Our God is amazing: loving, patient, merciful, powerful and worthy of a dance of joy!  Let us sing and make music to Him!

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