Saturday, March 5, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 13

The necessity, the value, of commemorative celebrations is my first impression in this chapter.  We human beings are so forgetful!  God encourages--commands--us to use observances as a sign for our hands (what we should do) and as a reminder for our minds that He is ruler of all.  The prominence of God in our lives and in our celebrations is to be intentionally transferred from generation to generation.  Celebrations are a teaching tool and a reminder.  Our children are to be recognized as a gift from God who are intended to be recipients of a Godly heritage!

The deliberate, planned guiding by God is my second strong impression.  God chose the path for the Israelites which fit their needs.  It was not the shortest path nor did it include what they thought they were ready for (they left Egypt 'prepared for battle.').  It was a protective path which included the presence of God Himself.  We have that same blessed opportunity; we can choose to seek and follow Him!  He is unchanging, He is always present and He provides signs to guide us in the day and the night.  What a glorious God!

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