Friday, March 4, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 12

God's answer to the 'sin problem' is so clearly evidenced for us in this chapter--and with no compromising of His righteousness!  The focus on family was very striking to me--and the encouragement to welcome those who may be alone to join us in our homes.  In fact, the entire celebration was to be community-wide.  The life of faith today is to be the same:  individual participation as part of a family unit united with a larger fellowship!  As I write today, my heart aches because of the death of a dear senior saint who has often joined in our times of family fellowship.  She has blessed us much and that simply confirms for me that what God commands is for our delight! Obeying His Word produces blessing for all.

Another beautiful note is that there was no worry that the lamb would be insufficient--just a concern that none be left on their own.  We need the fellowship of others but Christ, the Lamb, is all sufficient!  The application of the blood to the door post was to be trusted in...the families were not to keep checking to be sure all was well.  The admonition for each to eat of the lamb is important; though we are to welcome others into our lives, we can not have faith for another. 

Modern faith has a tendency to put excessive emphasis on 'us'--but all is best understood by remembering it is about Him!  Passover is referred to as "His Passover"--it speaks of God's grace and righteousness. Yesterday it was pointed out that the Israelites were not more righteous than the Egyptians; God delivered them because of His promises and by His plan.  The death angel looked only for the blood on the doorposts; an Egyptian home that believed would have been spared as well.   Even with regard to eating the bread without leaven, God 'helped.'  The fact that the Israelites were rushed is the reason given for their eating the bread unleavened.  We can trust that God does orchestrate our circumstances in such a way as to help us grow closer to Him...even if the circumstances feel like they are pressing in upon us.

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