Friday, February 18, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 48

The lens with which we view life narrows as death approaches.  I wonder if perhaps that is not the best lens to use for all of life.  Nevertheless, here we are as Jacob nears the end of his life.  He looks both forward and backward with an eye fixed on the work of God.  His own travails are almost obscured as he discusses God's hand upon his days.  The only completely 'earthly' event brought to mind in his life review is the death and burial of his first love, Rachel.  Perhaps Jacob recognized that grief as the impetus for the preferential treatment of Joseph and all that produced.  All in all, though, Jacob sees God at work in his life and in the future of his heritage. 

Another interesting snippet I saw was the continuation of the overturning of expected inheritances.  Jacob insists on blessing the younger of Joseph's boys.  From the human perspective, it had been Jacob's experience--almost a family legacy dating all the way back to Ishmael and Isaac.  Jacob was the younger of the twins; Joseph was not the eldest and here the tradition is continued.  McGee uses this as a reminder that God does not choose the natural...our inheritance is based on a spiritual legacy not an earthly one! 

What an encouragement to be reminded God is always at work--in our past and in our future--and our inheritance is based on HIM, not us!

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