Saturday, February 19, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 49

The diversity of humanity was my strongest impression in this chapter.  As Jacob rather prophetically speaks of his children's future, I see the truth that blessings (and challenges) are unique to our personalities.  More thrilling I see that God is capable and willing to use our diverse characteristics in His plans and purposes.  Jacob began his blessings acknowledging that there is a human heritage that we leave, but woven throughout the words to his children are faith-filled admonishments that help us look up.  God is in control despite our natural proclivities that can be tainted with sin:  Reuben's turbulent emotions, Simeon and Levi's anger, Dan's desire for justice.  I believe Jacob spoke somewhat from personal insight into his children's character, but there is a divine prophesy in this chapter as well.  Christ's birth would be in the line of Judah--the bringer of peace.  Joseph's life 'reached over the wall' and signifies the bringing 'us' into the promises. 

It is a joyful contemplation to imagine how God fulfilled some of the other prophetic blessings.  Zebulun was to be a haven for travelers with a border open to Sidon (a great trading port).  Who might we need to be a haven to in our lives?  Or Naphtali--freed to produce life.  What are the chains that Jesus released us from and what life can we produce with that freedom?  Are we living like Asher--well sustained and sustaining others with our heavenly food from the King's table?  God uses the diversity of mankind to make His incomprehensible ways known to mankind.  Let's determine to embrace His creation of ourselves and others knowing that His purposes will prevail!

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