Thursday, February 17, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 47

Jacob and family now enter into a 'new normal' and gradually settle into the land of Egypt.  Their life work 'just happens' to be repulsive to the Egyptians which helped ease employment and income issues.  In fact, it opened doors for rising up to immediate employment with the Pharaoh!  As Joseph introduces his father to the Pharaoh, we glimpse a man who has been transformed.  The conniving young Jacob who had been willing to trick his own father is now a humble, father-honoring man of God.  Confident in his position with God, he even offers a blessing upon the ruler of Egypt!  Few individuals would have had the audacity to bless the Pharaoh--but Jacob is the greater man in God's eyes and the blessing is appropriate. 

Joseph's family is nurtured and protected by the foreknowledge of God but as Jacob ages, he may have been concerned that his people would begin to think it was Egypt which saved them.  He asks Joseph to promise to take him back to Canaan after his death.  Jacob's request is another testament to his growth in faith; he is counting on God's covenant promises and wants to be in the 'Promised Land' for his own resurrection.  Our hope is in the rapture and our burial place is irrelevant; it is our walk in the Lord which matters. 

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