Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 3

I love this description of meeting with God and the reminder that meeting with Him is Holy Ground!  God is so accessible, I find it tempting to take for granted the privilege Christ secured for me.  In verse six, when God reveals who He is in the context of Moses' ancestors, we see Isaiah's identity crisis dissolve.  Recognizing God for who He is puts everything into the proper perspective! 

Moses had the burden to deliver the Israelites before he fled into the desert, but neither he nor the Israelites were yet prepared for that deliverance.  Moses needed to understand who he was--and who God was; the Israelites needed to reach the point of crying out to God.  With those things in place, God's plan was ready to proceed.  It was intriguing to me that God did, indeed, explain the future to Moses.  He outlined what would happen--but we know the reality was far more than that outline implies!  A full itinerary of Moses next 80 years would have been far too much to know.  We can trust God to give us enough detail to move us forward; and withhold enough detail to keep us moving forward. 

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