Friday, February 25, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 4

Well, a bit late with yesterday's devo and a bit early with today's...

Don't you just love Moses?  The old Billy Sunday quote fits so well here:  'An excuse is a skin of a reason stuffed with a lie."  I use Moses' excuses all the time:  'People will think I'm nuts if I tell them that! or I can't do's too hard.'  God's answers are timeless and for us to take to heart too.  The 'tools' we have in our hand--even our hand itself--when submitted in obedience to God is sufficient.  The truth that God is able (and more than willing) to cleanse our hearts and our hands is a necessity for each day as well.  That our faith-lessness creates difficulties for us is also without doubt; God did provide Aaron as a mouthpiece at Moses' request.  But God would be using Aaron to grow Moses as well; Moses did not truly know what he was getting by his insistent request.  Exercising our faith is important; God will not disappoint us.  Yet even when we falter, it is important to know He is willing to use it for our good.

In the midst of the journey toward Egypt, as God reiterates the message that Moses is to give, we see another time of chastisement and growth for Moses.  The message to Pharaoh was that the nation of Israel was God's first-born son--and that ignoring that reality would cost Pharaoh his own son.  It seems, though, that Moses had not fully consecrated his own family--his own son--to God.  Our lives must have integrity before we can go to others; our marriages, our homes must be in obedient submission to the Lord.  Our weaknesses will impact our loved ones and impede our message.  Zipporah and Moses were one in God's eyes and the hearts of both needed to be submitted to the Lord; in fact, it seems this was a life and death matter in God's eyes.  Zipporah was a descendant of Abram and knew God--but perhaps like us, she insisted on the right to determine what things truly mattered in the life of faith.  When she recognized God's values, she acted in faith; that is the response.  God saw her faith and His purposes were fulfilled.  What a beautiful truth to see that we can trust God to use our weaknesses to challenge and ultimately bless one another when we are submitted to Him. 

Our final scene is a beautiful worship scene; when hearts see and believe in God, worship is the natural outcome.  Sometimes we got lost in the muck of life--as we will see in the next chapter--but truth is there waiting for us to uncover it.  God's redemptive plan is the reality that can not be covered eternally; He was, is and always will be Lord of all!

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