Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 2

Moses' mom is definitely a woman who demonstrates faith in action!  She did not foolishly continue to try to hide her growing baby; she obeyed the letter of the Egyptian edict (Toss the baby boys in the Nile.) with wisdom and faith in God's intervention that inspires!  When we step out in faith, God provides in BIG ways.  Not only was her baby in his mini-ark saved, he was adopted by the royal house, she was paid to love him, and he would become the deliverer of his people.   Although Jochebed had only a short time to nurture Moses, God magnified her care in a way that all of the allurement of Egypt was not enough to pull his heart from his people.  As a mom that comforts me--we never know how long we have our children but God will honor our effort and He will work in their hearts!

Raised as the heir to the Egyptian throne, Moses was given the best of the world's knowledge and training; yet the world's training was not sufficient to accomplish God's purpose.  Moses' desire to 'right wrongs' was both hasty and ill-conceived.  Accomplishing right never necessitates doing wrong.  God is greater than our mistakes.  The Pharaoh's (understandable) anger was a tool God used to propel Moses into the education necessary to deliver the Israelite people: thus began Moses' instruction at the desert university. 

My heart can not help but think of what an identity crisis this must have been for Moses: taken from his birth family, rejected by his people whom he sought to help, hated by those who had raised him and now in the desert, mis-identified as an Egyptian.  Perhaps his identity struggle is what helped create the obvious soft heart for the plight of the underdog; God wastes none of our heartaches.  Moses' first action in the desert was to assist the oppressed shepherdesses.  I love that God uses our natural tendencies to move us along; Moses' kindness produced a wife and family!   The knowledge Moses would gain about himself--and the desert into which he had escaped--were all part of God's plan for Moses and the nation of Israel.  God is amazing, isn't He?!

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