Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year Plan

God's Word has called to me and changed me consistently over the years.  Even in years of rebellion from the Lord, the Bible would periodically draw me to it and impress me with its wisdom.  Finally, nearly twenty years ago now I made a commitment to read it daily.  As an avid reader, reading through the scripture each year was a manageable goal.  This year I have a desire to focus on a chapter per day and write a brief devotional on each chapter.  We won't 'get through the Bible in a year' - four years if we keep at it but we will grow and be blessed by God's Word.  Also, this will not be a polished writing or a long writing--simply some thoughts on the content of the day's reading.  My goal will be a brief devo each day; it would be wonderful to have folks join in by reading daily and using the comment option to share their own insights.  Would you like to join the journey?

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