Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent Week Three: Quieted Hearts Overflow With Joyful Praise

Scripture:  Luke 1:57-79

The first two weeks of Advent we focused on opening our hearts and lives to God, His plans and those He brings into our lives.  This week, as the 'day' of celebration draws near, let us quiet our hearts and lives that the glory of Christmas will not be trampled under foot.  Just as Zechariah's time of silence ended with praise and rejoicing, so will our hearts pour forth joy when we spend time contemplating the gift of Jesus!

Christmas is a celebration of the unfolding of God's gracious plan of redemption!  Our hearts indeed will overflow with joyous praise when we focus our eyes upon all God has done on our behalf!  Like Zechariah's child, John, we have the incredible privilege of bringing light to those in darkness.  The birth of Christ has brought to us a priceless treasure; the very glory of God will radiate from our lives as we quiet our hearts and meditate on the gift we have received.  Spend time this week contemplating the Light of the World and let His radiance pour forth from your life!

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