Sunday, December 5, 2010

Welcoming Hearts-Touching Souls

The scripture readings for today are Luke 1:39-45 and Isaiah 58:6-11. 

The Christmas season seems to emphasize the speed of life when what we desire to focus on is the preciousness of life!  It is the second Sunday of Advent already.  Last week we fixed our eyes on the excitement of the coming of Christ and embracing the interruptions He allows. Today, let's consider the blessing of embracing the precious lives that God allows to touch our own life. 

Every soul is precious to Jesus and He allows us the privilege of touching souls with our own. Truly it is holy ground to impact another individual. 'Love Came Down at Christmas Time' is a deep truth that transcends time.  His love is immensely powerful and brings meaning to all of life. The Lord wants us to touch others with His love--to receive others in His way and point others toward His healing love.  He blesses all when we do that. 

As you go through this Christmas season with all its activities, look at every heart God places in your path.  Ask Him whom you should welcome into your own festivities.  Whom has He chosen for you to lovingly connect with this busy season?  You may be surprised; you will certainly be blessed if you refuse the busy-ness and love on the people!  Share the love of Jesus with others in simple ways with reverence for His love for each of us!

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