Sunday, November 28, 2010

Awe and Anticipation

Our children's enthusiasm for Christmas is a great inspiration to the anticipation every Christian should have for seeing Jesus Christ.  This first Sunday of the Advent season is a wonderful time to explore the awe and anticipation of being in Christ's presence!  Although our church denomination does not use the liturgical calendar or include Advent celebrations as part of our corporate worship experience, we have used the concept with our children for years.  It has blessed us and keeps our hearts focused on the beauty of Christ and the longing He has to be present for us moment by moment.

The holidays become very busy and are easily contaminated with the commercialism of society.  Setting aside a time each week or even each day from now through the first of the year is a great discipline!  The celebrations do not need to be elaborate or expensive.  We have typically used four candles surrounding a center candle...each Sunday we light one more candle and do a bible reading.  Throughout the week we discuss the topics in each lighting ceremony.  This season, I will offer some ideas for your family!

This first week reminds us to turn our eyes toward the Light of the World!  While His coming was prophesied and anticipated, the majority of people missed it.  Those who welcomed Him were certainly challenged by the 'inconvenience' and the alteration of their plans.  Luke 1:26-38 provides a great scripture reading to begin this season and Mary's faith and trust in God's plan (above her own!) will inspire all who contemplate it.  Spend time as a family talking about your favorite Christmas activities, the memories with the deepest meaning and your willingness to embrace God's interruptions.  Look at your calendar and schedule times that will strengthen your family and your faithwalk during the Christmas season!


  1. My Christian growth blog has a devotional on the Christian character trait of "Confident Expectation." I didn't plan that but it surely fits with the joy of anticipating Christ's appearance. Perhaps it will bless you! bj