Saturday, January 1, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 1

As I considered the Creation account today, several things impressed me.  In God's colossal undertaking, there is no hint of hurry.  In a very orderly fashion, our amazing Creator put His plan into motion with purpose and patience; He inspected His work with contentment and pleasure.  What an example and goal for us as we tackle our 'to do' lists each day.    I noticed, too, that spiritual life was God's first creative action; His 'let there be Light' includes the word 'zoe' which implies spiritual life--the sun and moon were not created until later in the week.  We must have spiritual life in every work we seek to undertake.  Without Christ, we can do nothing.  God's creations were assigned a purpose; we will be blessed to seek the purposes God has ordained.  Finally, each day involved separation and distinction.  In a world which calls for blurring lines in the name of diversity and tolerance, we need to align ourselves with the Word of God.  We must not call good, evil or evil, good.  Our timeless God has given us the sun and the moon to help us number our days aright.  May this new year be founded in the life of Christ; may our plans and purposes align with His and may more know that He is God because we believe!

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