Sunday, January 2, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 2

As the chapter opened, I was reminded of the completeness of God's work.  Yet, I was also impressed with the variableness of His timing and even His ways.  At creation God superseded the laws of nature as we know them and created plants before the sun; He chose a mist for water in that perfect setting; and gave work to Adam which allowed him to discover his own need for a helpmate.  The generosity of God in all that He prepared and the wisdom with which He bestowed it on mankind propels my heart to worship.  There was more, though.  While God had repeatedly used the act of separation during creation, in the Garden we see the tree of the knowledge of good AND evil.  That Adam and Eve would sin was known by God, yet this was not something He separated.  He does all things perfectly and the verse which kept coming to mind was from Proverbs 25.  'It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of Kings to search a matter out.'  (verse 2)  Just as Adam was allowed to identify His need for Eve, God has provided for us to truly grasp glory through our own search of Him!  We, like Eve, mistakenly think that 'knowing' is the end all but it is not.  The love of God is the true goal; knowledge puffs up, love builds up!  True glory for us in this earthly life is exploring the glory of God!  His work was and is complete.  Join in the search to His heart and enjoy unveiling Him in every aspect of the coming year!

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  1. Do throw in thoughts and comments! These are by no means an exhaustive analysis--just the precious impressions the Spirit has placed on my heart. What's He saying to you?!