Monday, January 3, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 3

I feel like this is a chapter of daily life--so much remains the same.  Temptations slide in the same way--and sometimes I fall like Eve, sometimes like Adam.  Just like Eve, sometimes I entertain doubt about the goodness of God's instructions; or my desire for some perceived good seizes sovereignty in my heart.  Other times, like Adam, I stand by as another falls prey to error and then I join in their fall. 

Did you notice that God doesn't even dialog with Satan?  The God of light and truth did not waste time on the Father of lies; He simply pronounced the judgment!  For His precious children, who exchanged the truth for a lie, He simply provided what was needed to transform them from innocence to purity (His plan all along).  God took care of their self-created needs--both earthly (clothing through a lamb) and eternal (Savior through The Lamb).
While victory over Satan was pronounced first, consequences were not eliminated.  The consequences of their sin--and our own--are felt by others; even the ground was cursed for man's sake!  Yet in the midst of the consequences, we see the love of God.  Though children are born in pain, they are our heritage and evidence of the blessing of God.  Though sin results in death, Eve became the 'mother of all living.'  And for Adam, the thorns produced by the ground's curse ultimately became the crown of Jesus.  Victory is complete in Jesus! 

We still create consequences when we reject the Lordship of Christ but in the loving mercy of God, He continues to provide for us--and bless us.  As we looked at yesterday, God's restrictions are protective in nature.  God's response to man's fall was another protective restriction.  To keep mankind from eternal corruption, the way to eternal life was received angelic guards.  Imagine! All along our path to Jesus, THE WAY, cherubim are at work.   So, yes, man fell and we fall but God loves and provides.  His work is complete.  Victory is done.  Our daily battles to keep Him on the throne provide His new for Him this year!!

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