Thursday, July 31, 2014

Who am I?

Hey, friends.  I miss using my blogs, but I think I have a way to share.  Below is the introduction of my devotional piece for the Bottom Line.  If it sounds like something you would enjoy, just click the link and you'll have access to the whole thing.


Crazy quizzes pop up on every Facebook Feed.  I confess.  I love them.  They are fun.  What dwarf are you?  What city should you live in?  What color is your aura?  What dog breed are you?  In a world where time is a premium, what compels us to take nonsensical quizzes?  Theories abound:  nonsense quizzes counter data-collection fears, categorizing anything makes us feel in control, simple avoidance of more meaningful activity.  I suspect though the attraction of the silliness actually lies in the depths of our design.

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