Monday, December 16, 2013


The instructions to Timothy--a young Christian leader--challenge this 'old' Christian follower.  It seems God has been speaking to me lately about goals.  So here is the goal I heard today:  seek to be one who loves from a heart that has no hidden agenda; love from a heart that wholly relies on Jesus Christ. 

Paul says Jesus loved him with a goal:  to showcase his willingness to suffer just to give mercy.  Then Paul said that pattern is to be yours and mine.  Ugh, that brings a confession.  I admit it.  If I am going to give mercy, I would like to be acknowledged for that generosity.  That is not the way of my Savior, though.  Jesus so longed to give mercy to thankless, rebellious people that he suffered and died.  He was not just being a martyr though.  He was loving with a goal--to fulfill the will of the Father that none would be lost. 

Would you join me in aiming for that lofty goal today:  love from a heart that loves the goal of the Father above everything else?  Let's try.  It may change eternity for someone!


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