Monday, December 23, 2013


'Fight with everything that is in you for the faith that has been entrusted to you as a gift.'  

The truth is, I do not like to fight...I especially dislike the thought of fighting with people.  I 'get' fighting sin but I don't like the truth that sin presents itself in people.   I prefer to live in my rose-colored glass world where there are no people in the battles I face.   Jude expands on a truth that Paul gave earlier:  we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.  It is hard to grab hold of that distinction, isn't it? 

Intermingled in our world--even in the 'church' world are those who do not sincerely possess faith in Jesus Christ.  They may know of Him and speak of Him but live for their own passions.  They are potential explosive mines in the Land of Faith; they may destroy us or themselves.  We are to beware, battle for them and keep building on our own faith foundation.  We are not to belittle others or be dismayed.  We are to fight for the faith that gives us hope. 

Jude gives great instruction: 

  • Pray in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit.  Talk to God.  Rely on the Spirit within.
  • Stay within the boundaries of God's love.  Don't march out to conquer in your own strength.
  • Try to help those who disagree.
  • Be merciful to the folks who doubt.
  • Snatch some from the fires of hell.
  • Simply be kind to others...always be careful not to slide into sin as you battle. 
Then, Jude closes with the encouragement I need in the battlefield of this life:

"He is able to keep you from slipping and falling away." 

If I live for the glory of the One who saved me, the One who eternally possesses glory, splendor, majesty, power and authority, I'm totally safe. I love those words.  I'm ready to go into the minefield...fighting the cloak of sin seeking to cover the precious creations of God!

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