Sunday, December 22, 2013


Faith is a foundation to be added to; it is the entry point to the Kingdom, but we need to stay in the doorway.  Treasuring faith means building on it.  Through faith, God gives us all we need for abundant life.  But having supplies without knowing about them (or how to use them) hinders fruitfulness.  In fact, ignorance blinds us; it keeps us from being ones who are eyewitnesses to majesty!

Christians are to GROW in grace and knowledge of God; in fact, grace and peace grow through knowledge!  Learning does not save us, but it is a transformation tool that brings incredible blessing.

Peter speaks to believers saying add to your faith:

virtue (excellence)
knowledge (perceiving, understanding, science)
temperance (self-control)
patience (willingness to suffer/wait)
godliness (holiness)
brotherly kindness (Phileo love)
charity (Agape love)
Peter says there are those who are willingly ignorant; they lead others astray.  Then there are the unlearned and unstable (those torn between the earthly and the eternal); those folks wrestle with the Scriptures.  So for peace and production, we need to build on the foundation.  Glimpsing God and turning aside leaves folks inn worse shape than those who never see Him.  A little knowledge may be a dangerous thing; we can never have 'enough' of God.  There is always more to discover.  Let us honor the gift of faith but building on it with diligence and faithfulness!

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