Friday, December 27, 2013

A Name

The Churches of Revelation speak to my heart.  We as individuals are the church.  Jesus knows our strengths and weaknesses.  He knows our motivations and our works.  Most of the churches receive a call to repent...stop going your own way and turn to me.  That is probably the message we all most need to hear! 

It struck me, too, that Jesus used a different description of Himself to each church.   Knowing the different aspects of who our Savior is matters at different points in our lives.  Perhaps endeavoring to know Him fully changes our own name.  His name matters--and so does our name.  But only Jesus knows us through and through. One day He will reveal us and Himself.

Then there was Philadelphia: the brotherly love church.  That is the testimony I want, the church I want to be part of.  Jesus said they weren't very strong--but He was taking care of the doors.  He would open and close them.  Hallelujah.

In several places in my devotion time this morning, I was reminded that His presence is my reality.  I never have to rely on my wisdom, strength or ability.  What a wonderful way to walk.  It frees me to be weak and yet love.  In my weakness, He is more than able.  I love what He reveals of Him and what He does in about you?

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