Sunday, October 20, 2013

What you see becomes your witness!

"Seeing is believing."  We know that isn't true.  In fact, the advice I prefer is 'believe half of what you see and none of what you hear'.  More importantly, though, is this truth:  we need to look for the right thing!  There were interesting aspects to these thoughts in the scriptures this morning. 

Jesus told the masses, 'You see miracles but you seek me for the bread you ate.'  There is amazing depth in that truth--that is still being played out.  Even with the spiritual world in front of us, we look for earthly things.  Jesus said our flesh profits nothing; it is the Spirit that gives life.  I was reminded, too, that my heart is desperately wicked as well.  The source of life is the Spirit; LIFE must be our goal--but we easily get caught up in life and miss the real thing!

As I read the parallel accounts of the feeding of five thousand, the healings of folks who simply touched the hem of Christ's garment, it jumped out at me how differently each recorded the same events.  Every perspective is different--and needed--but the destination we must pursue is Jesus Christ Himself.  We should not come to Jesus for what He can do for us but for who He is. 

As I read and considered that what I see becomes the witness I give, another truth blazed forth.  I long to see Christ clearly and reflect Him well, but confidence in Him is my primary work.  Jesus clearly said no one comes to Him without the Father drawing them; my witness is not the main thing.  SO:  My take away is this prayer:

Father, please open my eyes to your work, fill my heart with Your desires and draw others to yourself through the witness of my delight in you!  For Jesus' sake, for His glory and in honor of His work on my behalf.  Amen.

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