Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pure love

My devotion time involved the Spirit speaking deeply into my heart about love.  I'll share briefly.  The most profound words another person every spoke to me were:

"When you are done hating God, He will love you just as much as He loves you right now."

Those words drew me to God, but lately God has been asking me, 'Do you love like that?'  Well, ouch.  It is hard to feel (or give) love when disappointments cloud the skies.  When the person(s) you love, rejects or criticizes or ignores you....  Yet love is not to be based on what one least not the perfect love of God. 

And what I saw this morning:  when there are disappoints from 'love' perhaps it was faulty 'love' to begin with.  Love must be without dissimulation.  Love never fails--but only when it is pure love.  One of my devotions said this, "God loved you in your poverty and the same." 

Love that is without condition is love that transforms.  I was impressed that God loves relationship--that is what He is calling us into.  He is not loving a specific action but a connection.  I want to love, to value connection above action. 

My prayer is that something of the Spirit's touch reaches where you may be hurting today!  I want to be freed of faulty love that I can revel in His perfect love and overflow with it! 

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