Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On our way...

One of my favorite reminders from scripture:  "As they went, they were healed."  My experience of life has been that it is a process.  I learn bit by bit, step by step.  The healing in this passage is for lepers; Jesus had said you are healed, go show yourself to the priests.  In Jesus' eyes, it was a done deal.  The lepers had to go in faith. 

Ninety percent of the group went on to the priests, the authorities, the 'keepers of respect.'  One went back to Jesus to say thank you.  In that encounter, Jesus told him, "Your faith healed you; go your way."  The others, still going in faith, had the same miracle but it was working its way out in their lives.  The one who looked to Jesus found wholeness immediately; the others were still in process.  Maybe that is my lesson to learn.  Perhaps thankfulness--living for an audience of One--heals, frees AND releases us from performing to the standards of others? 

The other heart lesson trying to work its way into my understanding comes from the rich young ruler.  All that we have and hold onto (because we trust in it for meaning and fulfillment), erects a barrier to receiving the Kingdom of God.  That Kingdom can only reside in us--and evidently can only enter in us--when there are not other things blocking it.  The blockades to my heart (that I've recognized) have been 'good things' (my dad, my work, my children, my church).  And I am reminded of Oswald Chamber's words:  "Good is the enemy of Best." 
Every time my earthly treasure reveals its temporariness or insufficiency, I struggle and ache and cry. That's okay because in time, the Giver of that gift became visible.  The best is in the giver.  Until I enjoy the gift as a revelation of the One who gave it, I fail to get the best.  I am the rich young ruler who walks away from the best for the stuff I can see, the stuff I trust.  If I want God, I have to let Him in. 

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