Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In the midst of life, MAGNIFY God!

The Christmas story is even sweeter outside the traditional 'reading' times!  It is such well-known story, it is easy to speed read, but there are some neat things I saw strolling through it this morning.  In the midst of life, in the midst of walking in submission to God, the glory of God burst forth.  And then...the midst of life returned.  The working out of God's eternal plan is in the midst of our daily lives.  That is exciting and humbling, is it not?

As I walked I, I tried to imagine the joy of Gabriel as he went about his assigned task..and the angels who sang in the sheep field? Yet, even the angels only glimpse part of the plan...the Bible says they are still watching. The lens of time allows us to see depths of fulfillment that could not even be imagined by Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph or the others.  There is blessing in what we see but there was blessing in the shadows too.  There were depths that would have crushed them had they known. 

John...greater than all the prophets before him.  But destined to for beheading.  Mary...called blessed for generations to come.  But destined for a sword to pierce her soul.   Jesus...the promised deliverer.  But destined to crucifixion on the Cross. 

God reveals what we need to know; we need to trust that truth.  Simple belief in the goodness of God and His plans is the power that allows us to do what God worked out for us:  serve Him without fear in holiness and righteousness for all our lives.  That is how Zechariah described the purpose of the plan.  Isn't that a powerful simplicity...a beautiful reminder of the privilege of serving God? 

Like Mary's response, our life is to magnify God.  Our tiny part is the glorious joy of being recipients of His grace.  We are cogs in the eternal plan of the Most High God...significant in the eyes of the Creator...but it is upon Him that eyes must be directed.  Our obedience is the lens that reveals God to others.  Might each of our hearts echo the words of Mary:  "Be it unto me as God wills."

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