Thursday, October 17, 2013

Family Trait: will of the Father

The will of God seems to be the focal point the Spirit is asking me to hone in on!  Last night in the Wednesday service, the traditional prayer was offered as a 'challenge:'  "They Kingdom come, thy will be done...".  The pastor asked us to truly contemplate and dig in the scriptures as to what that might look like.  Then this AM as I read, Jesus said my family are those who 'do the will of my Father.' 

So I spent some time on that:  Jesus willed for people to be clean, to come to Him, to know Him.  The scriptures say the Father wills to bless and guide; and the Father wills that none would perish.  I want to dig farther into the topic...but that gave me food for thought.  What scriptures do you have that speaks of His will?  I'd love to hear from you.  But in the meantime, my reading took me to well-known parables.

I read of the sower and the different soils, of the wheat and the tares and the harvest.  And I thought of something new that tied to the will of the Father.  As I've considered the soils in the past, I had not thought much about the 'harvesters' needed in the stony ground or the thorny patches.  I focused in on 'my soil' and working the high-yield soils.  But if the Father's will is that NONE should perish, perhaps I ought to be like Abram and beat the birds away from the seeds on the path.  Or maybe I need to lifting some stones and helping folks weed out lies and wrong priorities.  Undoubtedly, there is work to be done.  I don't think the parable meant we are to write off the harder harvesting.  Nor is that harvest un-doable, for we can do ALL things with Christ.  It is not inevitable that the enemy will steal seeds and choke out life. The will of the Father was a neat lens to lay over those well-known parables. 

Not my will but thine, O Lord.  May it be unto me as thou will, Lord.  Words I want my soul to echo--how about you?  Be blessed and share your 'will' verses with me, won't you?

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