Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sometimes Why is the best response.

I have never understood those who say we should not ask God, "Why?".  Throughout scripture people cry out to the Lord for understanding.  It is how we know Him in the deep personal way He desires to be known. 

We reached a passage today of devastation.  The strong of Judah die by the sword or become the captive servants of Babylon.  The poor and destitute are left in the land -- and given vineyards and fields to work.  And there is my take-away...the answer to the Why that makes sense for me:

When we reach the state of the poor and destitute, God opens the door to opportunity and blessing.
I don't think we can ever arrive at the answer till we cry out though.  The people of Judah cried.  Their losses were huge.  Loved ones dead or imprisoned.  Their beautiful temple destroyed.  All of their joys stripped away...but it was for a divine purpose.  God knew those things were blocking their view of who He is...the treasures of this world can not compare to the treasure of God Himself.  We are willing to settle for earthly treasures and when God allows them to be removed--or removes them, it is right to ask Why.  We live in a world broken by sin but Jesus has overcome this world.  In Him, we can too.  If you, my friends and readers, are crying Why, I would love to pray with you for God to reveal Himself.  He will because He is.

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