Sunday, September 22, 2013

Power of Belief!

The new Kings of Persia and Chaldea were good guys...supportive of Israel worshipping God, appreciative of Daniel's work and life testimony.  Evil still popped up--landing Daniel in a den of lions.  Scripture says 'there was no hurt found on him because he believed in God.'  Believing is powerful! 

In fact, power was the other thing I saw in the readings this morning.  Lasting strength only comes from the Lord.  As Daniel's prophetic vision for the end of God's purposes unfolds, battles of strength roll on like waves in a turbulent ocean.  Yet conquering nations were not strengthened by their conquests...the pride that drove them on never became satiated and strength did not increase.  Daniel said the visions revealed his impurities and all his strength ebbed away.  What truth!  Strength is in the goodness and glory of God.  Without Him, all power is transient.  Believe on Him and be filled with power that fulfills the perfect purposes of God!

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