Saturday, September 21, 2013

Emptying God?

Perhaps you noticed the reprieve from a daily email yesterday?  Don't feel bad if you didn't, I only mention as a point to rejoice in the goodness of God.  Just to be clear and honest, I write not because others expect it...but as a token of honor to the King who keeps my heart stable.  In my prayer journal yesterday, I confessed my proclivity to assign times to is your time God, this is mine.  And reminded by an excellent devotional that Jesus gave all without restraint, I asked forgiveness for my stinginess.  THEN, I stepped into an overly scheduled day (that I started late!) and forgot my morning writing.  That is such a picture of humanity--unfaithful and unfocused on anything but our own plans.  And it is a glorious picture of the incredible love of God!  He never takes His eyes from us, never goes off on His own plans forgetting us.  His attention and love is constant.

Yesterday I read of Jeremiah's prophesies against Babylon.  God said Nebuchannezer 'devoured, crushed and emptied God.'  Seems beyond comprehension until I consider that in smaller ways, we all wash out God from our thoughts and activities.  Even though Nebuchannezer did turn to God before his death, his inconsistent life bore heartbreaking results in his child.  Belteshazzar was so depraved and without respect, he used the things of God for unholy, self-indulgence.  The results that Jeremiah prophesied came swiftly to Babylon. 

Once again, Daniel shows us the right way.  He prayed for his people with an 'us' mentality.  WE have sinned, rebelled, disobeyed and turned away from You God.  Turn us from our sins and help us understand.  God answered that prayer through an angel saying, "You are SO loved, therefore understand what is happening."  The simplicity of life is this:  know we are loved by God, ask Him to turn us and He will do so by helping us understand His ways.  I do love our God, don't you?  He is so good in every way and in all our weaknesses.  Have a blessed Saturday! 

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