Monday, August 26, 2013

Press On!

The message of Jeremiah I read today was aimed at the surrounding nations...the 'enemies' of Israel:  Moab, Ammon and Philistia.  And in the message, the concern of God threaded through.  He cared that these people were about to be destroyed.  The heart of God continually calls ALL to His presence.  Israel had failed to inhabit the promised land--and that failure cost others.

I wonder:  Is there ground I should be taking that will one day be under judgment because I held back, indulged myself or compromised?  Zeal for the Lord...passion for His plans and purposes...must be the echo  of our lives.  Live loud for Him today!

This logo was shared last night in our evening service...and it fit the passage I read this morning.  We serve a risen Savior...let's not be fearful of following Him to victory!

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